Hear from Gatorade Player of the Year on how training at DSD was her choice to take her game to the NEXT LEVEL.

Kirstie-300x200“I started training at DSD to prepare me for the college level workouts. Also because of what I have heard about the program and how it helped many of my teammates stay in shape. I thought I was in shape but DSD has pushed me to an extreme I didn’t know existed. I feel stronger and more competitive with myself. I push myself farther and with the help of my workout mates I push even further. I feel stronger as a player and an athlete. On the field I am stronger on the ball and have more endurance during the game. I am mentally more fit and know my strengths and weaknesses. I love training at DSD and the people push me to always do my best in everything I do. They have made me the athlete I am today.”
Kirstie Wilburn

Siena-Test-300x300“I started training at DSD to become a stronger, faster, and a more elite athlete. When I started DSD I could not jump very high, my hips were really tight, and I was not very strong. Since training at DSD I feel quicker, and stronger when playing basketball. DSD has helped me to be able to run the court faster. It has also helped me jump higher when rebounding. It has also helped me be more physical in the post position because I have become stronger. DSD has been great for me and I wish that next year when I am in Dallas at college that I could come and work out at DSD, or that DSD would move to Dallas.”
Seana Stoia

“DSD will provide you with the necessary tools to take your game to the next level” – Samuel Dalembert, Sacramento Kings – NBA


turek-225“Coach JC as a strength and conditioning coach improved my game on many levels. After being in his program for four years I became a better player. When I came to college I really needed to gain strength and become a better athlete. By training with him I increased my vertical, became quicker and faster, and became much stronger. He not only helped me physically but mentally too. When I doubted myself he would help me push through mental barriers. He helped give me confidence when I needed it and always pushed me to become a better player all around. Because of Jon Conneely, “Coach JC” and The DSD program I was able to make it to the next level. Without his training there is no doubt in my mind that I wouldn’t be the player I am today.”
Elisha Turek – Pro Basketball Vidrogal Alumisán Pío XII, Spain

calebgreen-225“The weight training program with Coach JC has advanced my game and has put me in a position to be a very rich man!!”
– Caleb Green, Pro Basketball

katielun-225“Coming from outback Australia, I had never touched a barbell or dumbbell before I started training with Jon “Coach JC” Conneely. He taught me everything I know; from proper lifting techniques to sports nutrition. He was always encouraging and always professional. During my time training with Coach JC I saw huge improvements not only in my strength but also in my vertical jump, speed and agility. Coach JC gave me the instruction and motivation that I needed to take my game to the professional level. Thanks Coach!”
Katie Langford – Pro Basketball

spicer-225“Working out with coach JC was one of the best things I could have done with my basketball career! His work outs were not to make me a body builder (although he could have made me one if I was trying to be a body builder) but the work outs were created to bring me and my team into great basketball athletic condition. His leg workouts gave me an 5 inch increase to my jumping vertical; his upper body work outs made me look like a BEAST! Because of Coach JC, I rule the courts I step on! No one can stop or move me. When I came to train with JC I was 6’6?, 212lbs and 15% body fat. Now I am 6’6? 245lbs and 11% body fat. So Coach JC really made me a very powerful basketball player. I give just about all credit to him.”
Sylvester Spicer – Pro Basketball

“I began training with coach Jon in high school and continue to make gains not only physically, but also mentally. By training with him, I have learned the proper techniques to lifting, understanding of what my body is doing, and how to mentally overcome what I believe I cannot do. I have also been able to adapt to being a collegiate pitcher much easier because of what I have learned from him. Not only does Jon care about what you accomplish while you train, but also about you as a person and will take the time to get to know you on a personal level. I have been training with coach Jon for four years and would not be the athlete or the person I am now if I had not.”
Matthew Sparks – Collegiate Baseball Player

shawnking-225“Working with Coach JC has helped me to be successful for 2 years at the Division 1 level. His hard work and dedication helped prepare me so that I could play at the highest level. Coach JC has helped me to become the Pro Athlete that I am today and without him I know that I would not be where I am today. He is the right man for the job”
Shawn King – Pro Basketball

p19-225“Coach Jon Conneely is the ultimate compliment to our WBB program at Oral Roberts University. He addresses the total athlete in their pursuit of excellence. From the nutritional perspective to the ideal body weight/mass for the individual athlete, “Coach JC” consistently has the kids physically ready for the challenges of NCAA Division 1 women’s basketball.”
Coach Jerry Finkbeiner – Oral Roberts University

austin_kirk“My name is Austin Kirk and I am a pitcher in the Chicago Cubs minor league system. After being drafted I realized that I was going to need help to get stronger to get to the big leagues. I went to see Coach JC after being highly recommended to him from multiple people. I had a very successful season and I feel I can attribute that to my strength training with Coach JC and his team. He prepared me to be able to stay strong and healthy through my entire first professional year. The knowledge given to me in the weight room and with nutrition helped a lot. I thank everyone at the DSD for everything they have done for me.”
Austin Kirk – Chicago Cubs

ehambe-mDynamic sports development! Ive never experienced anything like it!  Ive worked with Coach JC for about 7 years and counting. Even though Coach JC has helped me accomplish my goals as a collegiate and Pro Athlete, I tell you what….sometimes I hate him because he always pushes me to the limit and it hurts, but then I love em cause I see and feel the results manifest. Coach JC has not only been a great trainer and coach in my life, he’s also been more of a mentor both in and out of the training facility. He has helped me mentally, physically and most of all spiritually. I’m honored to be apart of what Coach  JC is doing and DSD and know that they have and will forever change my life. Would I have been okay without him in my life? Yes. But will I reach my FULL potential in life, as  a professional athlete, husband mentor and man of God? No. You know what to do. You make the call. Separate yourself! YEEEEEAAAAAH!
Mose Ehambe – Pro Basketball

Yem-Dog“Coach JC, is the best at what he does. His passion and knowledge helped me grow into the athlete I am today. Seeing his enthusiasm just made me want to work that much harder! He took an average joe and made him into a pro” My highschool coach always said, “I believe you win with average people doing above average things” And that’s what you do with Coach JC, above average things!

Coach JC’s game plan gives you a step by step process on how to go from developing your mind, to then turning that into action and applying it to the physical. You can’t have one without the other! Alot of my success that I have achieved over the years on the basketball court has been due to a great deal of what Coach JC has taught me and challenged me to accomplish.”
Yemi Ogunoye – Professional Basketball Athlete

AdrianWhen I was drafted in 2011 I knew right away that if I wanted to be the best pitcher that I could possibly be I had to find the right place to train at in the offseason.  I asked my friend Dylan Bundy where he was training at and he told me DSD. As soon as he told me I knew I needed to be training there too.  Training at DSD with other pro baseball players helps me push myself every day to be better.  I can definitely tell by training with this group of guys and the coaches at DSD has benefitted me greatly. I’m stronger, faster, and bigger than I was when I was drafted and that’s made becoming a better pitcher easier.

Before I started training with Coach JC and the DSD Coaches I just knew that I wanted to play baseball in the MLB and I’d do anything to get there.  After I started training with Coach JC I got more in depth on what exactly I wanted to do while I was playing in the MLB and why I wanted to play so bad. He helped me get out of my comfort zone by having me say “I will do this” or “I will do that” instead of saying “I wish” or “I hope” and to say “I am” instead of “I want to be”.  By saying these few small things each day, it helped my mind think positive things instead of stuff that could hold me back or make me think that I couldn’t do something.  It also helped me be more confident in my talent and realize that with my talent I am a lot better than I thought I was.  I now use that to make myself better every day.

When I train my mind it’s a lot like training my body.  I have to train my mind every day just like I do with my body in the weight room.  It’s not as hard to train your mind as you might think.  After learning a few small things from Coach JC it has made training my mind so much easier.  I’m thankful for what he and the rest of the DSD Coaches have done for me.
Adrian Houser – Professional Baseball Athlete


Coach JC understands the power of the mind. I have seen him take average players and turn them into MVP’s and All Americans because he made them believe in themselves, get focused, and become the player they should be! He knows how to bring the best out of people and understands how to give them the tools so they can do the same. Whether it’s in sports, job, or just life goals Coach JC can give you the tools to have you stop just dreaming about your goals but actually turn those dreams into reality!

“Coach JC as a strength and conditioning coach improved my game on many levels. After being in his program for four years I became a better player. When I came to college I really needed to gain strength and become a better athlete. By training with him I increased my vertical, became quicker and faster, and became much stronger. He not only helped me physically but mentally too. When I doubted myself he would help me push through mental barriers. He helped give me confidence when I needed it and always pushed me to become a better player all around. Because of Jonathan Conneely, “Coach JC” I was able to make it to the next level. Without his training there is no doubt in my mind that I wouldn’t be the player I am today.
Elisha Turek – Professional Basketball Athlete

bryce taylor (2)Since I came to coach JC he has helped me tremendously with the mental side of my game. I had never put much thought into my own mental preparation, which is the biggest part of being a successful athlete. Coach JC has sat down with me on many occasions and really helped me with some simple tools to train my mind for success when I step on the field. These tools helped me tremendously going into my first professional season as a soccer player. I felt more confident than I have ever felt and that led to a very successful rookie season for me. This offseason we have worked even more on mental preparation and mindset and now I am a few weeks out of preseason and I am even more confident than going into last year. Failure is no longer an option and something that never crosses my mind now and I have Coach JC to thank for helping me train my mind to think that way.
Bryce Taylor – Professional Soccer Athlete

Parker-BridwellCoach JC Is a one of a kind coach. You will never find someone who pushes you to your complete max, mentally and physically. The reason I started training with Coach JC is because, I knew if I surrounded myself with people who work as hard as they can to make yourself and the people around you better, that I could maximize my potential and get to where I want and need to be!

Prior to training with Coach I never really knew what a workout was. With Coach JC I realized I was in the right place the minute Coach JC started talking! I have never had a coach motivate me at the level he has and will continue to do! It’s almost like he’s anxious to see us reach our goals, that is what I love to see in my trainer!

Since I’ve been training with Coach JC at Dynamic Sports Development I have noticed the attention to detail and technique. I have also noticed alot of strength and endurance in my body. When doing a pull-up or a squat for instance Coach JC is right there motivating you to “get the weight up” and every rep completed you’ll know it by a “YUP”! I’ve noticed a totally different mindset when I walk in to DSD!
Parker Bridwell – Professional Baseball Athlete

chester 2

I train with Coach JC because it gives me the chance to be at the top of my game. Not only with the physical part but also mental. The mindset training has helped me realize my want and what I have to do to obtain it. Also the positive influence I need to push myself when times get hard.

The physical aspect of it is that my body has transformed and helped sharpened my skills. I’m stronger leaner and faster thanks to the training with Coach JC.
David Chester – Professional Baseball Athlete




b. bundy

“When I came to spring training this past year, coaches started asking me, “Man look at you, what did you do? You look great!” This gave me tremendous confidence heading into the 2010 season.
After my knee surgery my senior year (high school) things just weren’t right. My body didn’t work like it used to. I lost a lot of strength due to my knee surgery that I didn’t realize I had lost. Strength/mobility in my hips and shoulders were the main keys for me. Coach JC helped me to better achieve that and it was obvious that things were working in a more fluent, efficient manner once I started throwing in spring training. I believe the training program gave me more strength throughout my body making the opportunity for success much greater. I have cut my body fat nearly in half since I started, all while getting stronger year in and year out.

I started training with Coach JC to give myself the opportunity to be in the best physical condition.  Before coming to Coach JC, I was already a hard worker and very dedicated, but I wanted someone to push me to the next level.  Four years later, more experienced, I can’t say that I regret that decision. Thanks Coach JC
Bobby Bundy – Professional Baseball Athlete

Having a successful life, business or athletic career starts with one thing a champion mindset. Having a champion mindset contains a lot of elements, you must one have the confidence in yourself to succeed. The summer of my senior year in high school I came to Coach JC because I wanted to better myself as an athlete so that I could succeed in not only basketball but also football. I wanted to perform at a state champion level. Coach JC did exactly that. While I was training there were things that I didn’t know I could achieve but he instilled in me “To get something you’ve never had, you HAVE to do something you’ve never done.” Also you have to have confidence in yourself to succeed because if you don’t believe it you can’t achieve it. I told him at the beginning of the summer that I wanted to make the 5a state playoffs in football and WIN the 5a State

Championship in basketball. That summer was the hardest 3 months of my life, I was physically pushed to my limit everyday. But everyday I was reminded of what I was working for and knowing my goals motivated me to work harder. So I went into football season with an unshakeable confidence that I had no doubt that my team could make the playoffs, and when the season ended we finished the year 8-3 and we made the playoffs for the first time in 25 years! I then went into basketball season with the supreme confidence, but some of my teammates still weren’t fully on board. Coach JC came and spoke to my team about a champion mindset and we all bought in to bettering ourselves everyday, and it definitely worked and we reached our ultimate goal by hoisting the gold ball as state champion!
Grant Murphy – Collegiate Football Athlete

The Secret to REAL Athlete Success will reinvent the way that athletes approach each day. Half the battle occurs before we even step in the weight-room, pick up a weight, or hit a max lift. The fans know what day the game is, but what they don’t see is the work that is put in beforehand. The meetings, film sessions, and countless hours put in on the practice field are the most difficult aspects of being an athlete. We live for game day, and the only way to perform at max potential on game day is to GET YOUR MIND RIGHT FIRST! Coach JC’s program has been monumental to my success on the field. The attitude that Coach JC fills the gym with makes me look forward to working out every day. He is the most positive man I know and his constant push in the gym is what helps separate me from my competition.  I’ve grown as an athlete not only physically, but mentally as well because of the way my mind is trained for success now. Because Coach JC has helped me to embrace the daily grind, now I am able to perform at my best on game day.
Justin Tomlinson – Collegiate Football Athlete

The mentality of an athlete is the most important thing, specially for me. Being mentally tough on the mound is a must for being a good athlete. Coach JC sat me down, was available whenever I needed him, and helped me focus myself on what I wanted to accomplish. Even training physically helped me get the mindset that I have today. Training under Coach JC strengthened me mentally and physically. Out of all the things that I have done, training my mentality was the most important thing. I was taught to never be satisfied, never quit, and of course never quit on your goals in sports, and in life.
John Lynch – Collegiate Baseball Athlete

Working with Coach JC has helped me to be successful as a Division 1 and Professional Basketball player. His hard work and dedication helped prepare me so that I could play at the highest level.

Coach JC has helped me to become the  Athlete that I am today and without him I know that I would not be where I am today. He is the right man for the job. I believe that hard work and dedication is the key to success as an athlete and in life and Coach JC has assisted me in both of these areas.

You choose in life to either be good or great and Coach JC has helped me and pushed me to greatness.  Without him I would never be where I am today. I never had alot but I have always been determine to be great and do big things. Coach JC has provided me with an opportunity to be able to do this by pushing me to fight through adversity and obstacles and never allowing me quit.

Coach JC has helped me in preparing for my basketball career and preparing me for the future in life when basketball is over.

Like Coach JC always said, we are only as strong as the weakest link! I never wanted to be the weakest link and Coach JC has set me up to never be the weakest link in basketball or in life.
Shawn King – Professional Basketball Athlete

My name is Aaron Mason and I am attending Fort Scott Community College on a baseball scholarship. I started training with Coach JC when he came to my high school baseball practice. I decided at that point this is what I need to further my career in baseball and make it to the next level. Before I started training with Coach JC it was tough for me to last a long time in a ball game. I was never really in shape. I was always struggling keeping up with the other guys on my team. After I started training with Coach JC, I saw results immediately. I started losing weight and body fat. I became more athletic, more in shape, and could keep up with everyone else. Coach JC has taught me many things but the one thing  that I will always remember the most is to never give up and always give 110%. I remember we were doing tire jumps and I could never jump on two tires stacked up. Coach JC told me to never quit, to never give up. I finally made the jump after bruising my shins over and over again. Having that mindset of never giving up is not only a sports mindset but a lifestyle. Never give up in life. If you want something bad enough, GO GET IT and like Coach says “Remember why you’re here”.
Aaron Mason – Collegiate Baseball Athlete

Coach JC always speaks on the importance of diet and exercise but what you immediately realize when you’re around him is that those two elements of success are nothing unless you’re in the proper mindset before training even begins. His constant encouragement and support garner a mental outlook in which you believe the only thing you’re capable of doing is succeeding. While this begins in the gym, a mindset like this becomes infectious and carries over to the playing field, bringing the same confidence and understanding over to your sport as to your preparation for it. I’ve seen it in work in my life in a major way over the past three years thanks to Coach JC and his staff and I wouldn’t be where I am without it.

Hope that helps, JC. Thank you for everything that you have done for me these last three years and all your support and belief in me. It’s helped a tremendous amount and I really appreciate the opportunity to give even a small amount of that back.
Alex Powell – Collegiate Football Athlete


wes noI was looking for someone who understood the complexity of muscle building without adding bulk that interferes with a boxer’s ability to punch and move.  I’m a tall guy at 6’6” and with the daily 5-7 hour workouts it gets tough to keep the muscle on and keep the injuries away – JC introduced nutrition and stretching into my workout routine.

Prior to training with Coach JC I did a lot of running and weight training – movements that aren’t natural during an athlete’s performance. JC was able to incorporate muscle building into movement and the result was a significant performance improvement reflected in my coordination, speed, punching ability and stamina. Since training with Coach JC I Improved coordination, speed, punching ability and stamina. Stronger core/trunk/legs and not just for show – the muscles are built with movement and purpose.

When you train 7 hours a day often the challenge becomes getting excited about what you do day in and day out – just like any professional in every career.  JC always has a positive attitude and it’s very motivating and sometimes being around a motivational person to remind you of your goals is key to unleashing a productive workout.

In preparing for a fight, confidence is KING. You have to know that everything you’ve done leading up to a fight has prepared you for stepping into the ring with your opponent. Beyond that though is a fighters journey to the top which is never a direct route – there are so many twists turns ups and downs and you have to have some serious gumption to ride the wave. You have to set your goals from the start and never lose sight of them – especially when things get tough.

I was never a natural athlete – being tall and lanky my coordination as a kid was terrible and I had to work very hard to be good at sports. This is pretty much what shaped me as an athlete – nothing was ever easy but I knew if I worked really hard I could turn my weaknesses into strengths. It’s that belief in myself that the sky is the limit if I work hard that still propels me.
Wes Nofire – Professional Boxer

Prior to training with coach JC and his team at DSD I was just an average athlete with huge goals and ambitions but no way to accomplish them. I decided to train at DSD after my first trial week, during that week I noticed the mental strength of the athletes who trained there and that as an athlete that was something I desperately needed but did not have. After the last three years at DSD not only have I improved physically in enormous ways but more importantly I have been able to train my mind on what it is to win every day in all of the things I do. The most common problem with athletes is their mind, they do not know how to win and they do not know what it is to have the right mind set about training and playing and the great advantages that come with having the right thoughts and ideas. Training with coach JC and his team has taught me to be a better man in my every day life, I have learned to teach others how to win and how to get their mind right so that they can win as well. My experiences at DSD have changed my life and there is no way I could have been where I am today without coach JC and his team.
Andrew Wyrrick – Collegiate Hockey Athlete

Coach Jonathan Conneely (Coach JC) is one of the greatest coaches I’ve had the privilege to bless my game. He taught the true meaning of hard work, dedication To the body, and how to use every bit of potential one has stored in him/herself. I met Coach JC as my strenght and conditioning coach at Oral Roberts University. In the weight room, we had a couple quotes that stuck.. When coach said “get big son” i would reply with “YOU KNOW!” After every workout. He pushed us pass the limit we thought we could go. He showed me there isn’t a limit, but a mental illusion of self limitation. After meeting coach John and continuing my basketball career after ORU, all the hard work and mental trails endured with Coach JC has pushed me passed the “limit”. Here i am now playing professional basketball and traveling the word (8countries visited). All because of a mind set that keeps me fighting for more.  I give true thanks to my coach and friend Jonathan Connelly.
Sylvester Spicer – Professional Basketball Player

“Coach JC has helped me not only in my physical training but helping me train mentally so i am at my peak before a fight, having an mental winning mindset is just an important physical preparation. Coach JC will push you mentally to help build you up as a complete athlete so you are able to push further then ever ….. I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with him.”
Kinny Spotwood – Collegiate Football Athlete, MMA Fighter

Softball is my passion! And JC has helped make me a better athlete. I started out as a 120 pound, skinny armed player hitting mostly singles. I now weigh 135 pounds, have gained muscle and am hitting lots of doubles and home runs. JC hasn’t only helped my body but also my mind. He has helped me realize that the game is just as mental as it is physical. JC has taught me how to keep a positive mind set and stay relaxed, which has helped during the occasional hitting slump. It is my “circle of excellence”!  I have to focus on what I want to happen. JC always make me feel like a SUPER STAR!  With his help, I know I will achieve my dream of playing college softball.
Erin Skinner – Competitive / high school softball player

Coach JC, you and the DSD speed and strength staff have helped me climb to new levels- and those levels represent an outlook on myself as an athlete. You’ve shown me how to get to that next level of speed, power, and mental focus that it takes to compete in division one athletics. A summer at DSD with Coach JC helped me reach a new level of play that I hadn’t seen before and it felt incredible.
The mental focus- the mindset it takes to compete in collegiate football has to be fine tuned and precise so that you always remember why you play the game. And having that dialed in mindset focused on whatever it goal it may be in huge when competing like it is your full time job. Being a student athlete it is important to have a mindset that is driven towards nothing but success and knowing how to over come adversity is just as important. Coach JC places emphasis on why you work and why you put your body through the sweat and the pain when he coaches- and he constantly reminded me to take it personally when it came to working with everything I’ve got training to be faster and more powerful.
Corbin Stall – College Football Athlete

I started training with Coach JC at DSD in order to prepare for the college level. I wanted to be prepared in every way I could, so I could focus on the soccer part of the game when I arrived. I wanted to know that every other aspect — fitness, strength, agility, etc. — was already above average.  Prior to training at DSD, I could not play to my full potential multiple games in a row because my legs would tire due to fatigue and weakness.  Also, I would constantly get knocked off of the ball because of my lack of upper body strength. I became a much more well-rounded individual strength wise.  My legs were toned up and my arms just gained muscle. Because of Coach JC’s program at DSD, when I left for college I was beyond prepared. I can now be confident in everything I am doing because I know I was physically and mentally prepared to take on whatever challenges are set against me.  Mentally, I believe the greatest asset of training was the experience of accomplishment.  Whether it was thinking I couldn’t squat a certain amount of weight or do those last few prowlers, but then finishing whatever it may be, and being expected to do it to my full potential was that feeling that I learned.  Once I experienced this feeling, I would constantly want it over and over again. I learned that that feeling was the one I needed to further even more in order to push myself to the next level.
Katie Sprouse – Collegiate Soccer Athlete
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