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At DSD we create great athletes!

You will become Stronger, Faster and More Explosive so that you can once and for all
separate yourself from the competition!

You will experience these RESULTS within as little as 2 weeks… GUARANTEED!

Dynamic Sports Development is a private, membership only sports performance facility for SERIOUS athletes that want SERIOUS results. The DSD Gym is strategically located in an industrial park of Tulsa Oklahoma.  DSD was created to provide the athlete with the best opportunity to WIN in their respective sport and WIN in life. Once you step foot into DSD  you have no choice but to become a WINNER.  Whatever your chosen sport, DSD is here to help you reach your athletic potential so that you can succeed.  Understand this gym and training environment is not for everyone; to the average person you may find our gym a little different than what you are used to… DSD is a place like no other!

What Programs are offered at DSD?

  1. Youth
  2. JV
  3. Varsity
  4. Collegiate
  5. Professional
  6. Team Training
  7. STRONGmen (Strength training for men)
  8. STRONG women (Strength training for women)
There are a few components that separate DSD from any other facility out there…


At DSD we guarantee results.  I have become sick and tired of talking to parents, coaches and athletes that have spent thousands of dollars and where promised results that they never received. I don’t know about you but when I invest into something I expect a ROI (return on my investment). At DSD You will get stronger, faster and more explosive and will become such a mentally tough athlete who will dominate in your sport.


With all the hype about “sports specific training” and the sexy hype about “functional training” people have forgot about the importance of strength. You want to get faster? Get Stronger! You want to jump higher? Get Stronger! You want to become a great athlete? Get Stronger! Strength is an essential component to being a great athlete… Everything starts with strength. The most limiting factor that we see in athletes is their low level of strength.   So at DSD, real world, functional, game -time strength is our goal for you.  To get you strong where it counts and to be able to use that strength when it counts. At DSD you will train to become a better athlete with the focus of you getting brutally strong. At DSD we produce mentally and physically strong, dominate athletes!


Who and what you surround yourself with will determine your results. At DSD we have created an environment like no other, an atmosphere for the serious athlete to finally get serious results. Everything from the location of our gym to the coaches, the music and the equipment, have all been designed with the serious athlete in mind.  At DSD You will train in a group with other athletes so that you can be pushed, create the competitive nature and be held accountable. Our private membership was created to assure that only serious athletes train at the DSD. Athletes that have a drive like no other to reach their athletic potential and be successful in life.  To those who want to become the best in their chosen sport, this is heaven!


If you ever want to become great you must be willing to be coached. At DSD we have brought together some of the best Strength and Conditioning coaches in the nation. These are not personal trainers and these are not just ex athletes that thought it would be exciting to train athletes. These are real coaches that have trained some of the top athletes in the world and that care about your results. There are a lot of people out there today claiming to train athletes. To be honest, it makes us sick. At DSD you will be coached by and expert. At DSD you will be coached by a coach. You will be COACHED, to get stronger, faster and become a mental warrior so that you can separate yourself from the competition.

What is Membership?

Dynamic Sports Development is a private, membership based facility. Membership is offered to those athletes that qualify for DSD.

The qualification process is simple.  You must possess 2 things.

1. DESIRE – The desire to want to be great and succeed in sport and life

2. BELIEVE – The belief that it is possible and the belief that partnering with DSD can get you there.

We believe that every athletes should have the opportunity to succeed in their sport and you have the DESIRE and BELIEVE then DSD is for you!

How Does Membership Work?

There are no quick fixes in becoming a great athlete and that is why we do not offer single training sessions at DSD.  It will not benefit either party to come and train for a few sessions…. Creating a dominate, great athlete is a process and cannot be done in a few sessions.

We are looking for athletes who will add to the environment, be committed and dedicated to reaching their goals.  Once you are a part of DSD, you will separate yourself from the competition and leave them in the dust!

If you are ready to become the BEST and take your game to the next level, contact us and a DSD coach will contact you very soon.

Call or e mail us to schedule your interview for DSD Membership.
If membership is full you will be placed on our waiting list.

(918) 409-2DSD(2373)

[email protected]

GREAT athletes do EVERYDAY what good athletes do occassionally

If you are serious about being a GREAT athlete and serious about your RESULTS than DSD is the place for you!

As a member, athletes can train at the gym 5 times a week. Depending on the membership package you will train with a coach 1 – 3 times/week. The other days athletes will perform “DSD STRONG” workouts. These workouts allow the athlete to come in on their off days and train the “DSD STRONG” workouts.

The purpose of these workouts are threefold
1.      Establish self motivation
2.      Address weaknesses
3.      Do the little extras to separate themselves from the competition!

Membership Options:

  • 1 x Week (In Season Only)
  • 2 x Week
  • 3 x Week

We are serious about what we do and serious about our athletes results.

Are you ready to…

  • Build Massive Amounts Muscle
  • Develop Explosive Power
  • Become Brutally Strong
  • Run Faster
  • Jump Higher
  • Hit Harder
  • Increase Your Conditioning and Work Capacity
  • Improve Your Confidence and Self Esteem
  • Make the Team
  • Earn a Scholarship and Get To The Next Level
  • Dominate Your Competition

Serious Men


At DSD we also provide training for serious individuals that may not be competitive athletes.

If you are serious about your results then DSD is for you.

Some of our Serious Individuals include

  • Business men/woman
  • Law Enforcement
  • Weekend Warrior
  • Military Personal
  • Everyday Joe’s and Jane’s- There’s NOTHING Average about these Serious Individuals!

Dynamic Sports Development is a private, membership based facility.

Not everyone is accepted into our program.


DSD is a membership based facility. There are NO single training sessions offered at DSD. We are not here to just take your money on a per session basis. It will not benefit either party to come and train for a few sessions. Getting the results that you desire is a process and cannot be done in a few sessions. Once accepted you will be offered a membership option.

At DSD we only want the SERIOUS, DEDICATED, COMMITTED individuals. Those that understand that there are no quick fixes and are serious about RESULTS.

With your DSD membership you will train with a coach 2 – 3 times/week. The other days you will perform “DSD STRONG” workouts. These workouts allow you to come in on your own time and train the “DSD STRONG” workouts.

Call or e mail us to schedule your interview to apply for a DSD Membership.
If membership is full you will be placed on our waiting list.
(918) 409-2DSD(2373)
[email protected]

Is DSD for ME?

You may have heard the talk around town…

Yes, There is a gym in Tulsa where everyday people can get the RESULTS they deserve.


Yes, our gym does have a small membership base…. Or should I say community. The community is made up of everyday people that want to seriously train.

People that were sick and tired of wasting time in the gym with little or no results to show for it. People that were sick and tired of not having the RIGHT coaching they needed to build muscle, cut unwanted fat and look and feel better again! People that are not satisfied and want to get the RIGHT training and RIGHT Nutritional guidance .

You know the kind of man that you see on the street or in the store that should be wearing a shirt that says, “BEWARE… May scare women and small children!”

Or that woman you see in the mall and you say, “WOW…How did she get that sexy body!”

These are people that are done with the frustrating days of long, boring, ineffective workouts at their normal commercial gym because of all the distractions.  The standard commercial gym with fairy music and none of the equipment you need but all of the machines you don’t need. The one with trainers that care more about how big their arms are rather than YOUR RESULTS!

At DSD, We have created an environment, an atmosphere that  is guaranteed to make you succeed and finally reach your goals.  A place where you can come to not only transform you physically, but transform you into one unstoppable, mentally tough unbreakable human-being so that you can dominate this game called LIFE!

At DSD you become a member of a community. At DSD  your training partners become a part of your family.

At DSD there’s a camaraderie and competition that creates an extremely motivational atmosphere, and the training experience…INDESCRIBABLE!

DSD is exactly the opposite of what you will find at your basic commercial gym. Why? Because the people that train here can’t stand the typical gyms and fitness centers…To be honest- They make us sick!

You will not find any TV’s, juice bars, useless machines, fancy locker rooms, and there is no AC.

You will find…

Serious people, heavy friggin weights, the best equipment and all the real things that are needed to get YOU Lean, Toned Up, and feeling and looking sexy…  the RESULTS that you desire and deserve.

You will find…

Things like, sandbags, stones, kettlebells, ropes, tires, chains, atlas stones, and chalk.

Real RESULTS can only be achieved in a Real ENVIRONMENT with Real like minded individuals… and that is DSD.

Is DSD for YOU?

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