Dynamic Sports Development is a private, membership only sports performance and fitness facility.

We provide Memberships for:


(We do have a program for women, Tulsa’s #1 fitness Bootcamp, Bootcamp Tulsa – WOMEN’S FITNESS)

Whatever your chosen sport or if you are competing in life, DSD is here to help you reach your athletic potential so that you can succeed.  WARNING: This gym and training environment is not for everyone; to the average person you may find our gym a little different than what you are used to… DSD is a place like no other!

We Create WINNERS!

What Programs are offered at DSD?

  1. Youth (starting at 8 years old)
  2. JV
  3. Varsity
  4. Collegiate
  5. Professional
  6. Team Training
  7. DSD STRONGmen (Fitness for Men)

(Athletic programs are available for both female and male athletes.)

(Female programs are available, please visit: www.BootcampTulsa.com)

DSD is a way of life. It’s about living the “DSDSTRONG” lifestyle.

The DSD STRONG Way is about training the whole person. You will create WIN’S Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually so that you can WIN in life.


At DSD we guarantee results.  Many people wish and hope to have the body that they desire or perform a  certain way on the playing field. At DSD we turn hoping and wishing into a certainty.  You deserve RESULTS. If you are willing to put the work in you should expect the results.  At DSD we create RESULTS. Results will come through you having the right game plan to execute day in and day out.  To get those results you will develop the commitment, discipline, focus and determination needed. We will not allow mediocrity, average, or complacency to rob you or prolong you  living the best you so that you can perform at the highest level and WIN in life! Why? Because you DESERVE to be your BEST. You will WIN by executing The DSD STRONG WAY and you will do that by living The DSD STRONG WAY.


The DSD STRONG WAY is about being STRONG. Strong so that you can WIN in life. With all the hype about “sports specific training” and the sexy hype about “functional training” in the fitness industry so many have forgot about the importance of strength. You want to get faster? Get Stronger! You want to jump higher? Get Stronger! You want to become a great athlete? Get Stronger! You want a better marriage, to make more money, or to perform better? Get Stronger! Strength is an essential component to being a great athlete. Strength is essential to being the man you were created to be. It starts with strength. The limiting factor that we see  holding many back is the low level of strength.   So at DSD, real world, functional, game-time strength is our goal for you.  To get you strong where it counts and to be able to use that strength when it counts. At DSD you will train to become a better YOU with the focus of you getting brutally strong. The DSD STRONG WAY produces mentally,  physically, & spiritually strong, dominate human beings!


Who and what you surround yourself with will determine your results. At DSD we have created an environment like no other, an atmosphere for the serious athlete to get serious results. Everything from the location of our gym to the coaches, the music and the equipment, have all been designed with the serious athlete in mind.  At DSD You will train in a small group with other athletes so that you can be pushed, create the competitive nature and be held accountable. Our private membership was created to assure that only serious athletes train at the DSD. Athletes that have a drive like no other to reach their athletic potential and be successful in life.  To those who want to become the best in their chosen sport, and the best in life train at DSD. We eliminate all negativity and limiting factors that are holding you back from greatness. All these negative pulls that we allow in our life that create negative behaviors are the things keeping us from executing and WINNING.  AT DSD you will start to create more WIN’S which will lead to a STRONGER you. We have seen WIN’S in  increased confidence, self esteem, physical body, nutrition, mindset, relationships, spirituality, finances, and so much more it’s ridiculous!


If you ever want to become great you must be willing to be coached. At DSD we have brought together some of the best Strength and Conditioning coaches in the nation. These are NOT personal trainers. These are real coaches that have trained some of the top athletes in the world at the highest level. Coaches that are passionate about helping you WIN. We have all faced trials and tribulations in life. You know, the obstacles and adversity that we have had to overcome to be where we are today.  Those struggles can either make or break you. It’s a choice! Our coaches have been through those challenging times in life and are now on the other side of it and WINNING.  Why’s that important? Our coaches will force you to look in the mirror and face it straight on. That’s how you WIN. You face the fears and the limiting factors that are holding you back from greatness. You take responsibility for where you are and you take ownership to get where you want to be. This is a challenge to do on your own and at DSD you will have the TEAM to help you get a little comfortable being uncomfortable so that you can WIN.  You will create the self discipline to WIN and our coaches will see to it. You will be COACHED to become the STRONGEST you so that you cancan separate yourself from the competition and WIN.

What is Membership?

Dynamic Sports Development is a private, membership based facility.  What does that mean? Membership is offered to those athletes that are accepted into DSD.

You must come for an initial Performance Eval and Trial. You are not evaluated on your athletic ability but rather your willingness to want to WIN as an athlete and WIN in life.

Once accepted you will be offered a membership option.  There are no quick fixes in becoming a great athlete and that is why we do not offer single training sessions at DSD.  It will not benefit either party to come and train for a few sessions…. Creating a dominate, great athlete is a process and cannot be done in a few sessions.

How Does Membership Work?

Your first month at DSD you are on a trial basis.  During that month we will evaluate you to see if you have what it takes to become a DSD athlete.  This ensures only highly motivated and dedicated athletes are accepted. Athletes who will add to the environment, be committed and dedicated to reaching their goals.  Once you are accepted as a member of DSD, you will separate yourself from the competition and leave them in the dust!

If you are ready to become the BEST and take your game to the next level – contact us now to schedule your Performance eval and free trial.

Call or e mail us to schedule your free trial for DSD Membership.
If membership is full you will be placed on our waiting list.

(918) 409-2DSD(2373)

[email protected]

If you are serious about being a GREAT athlete and serious about your RESULTS than DSD is the place for you!

Depending on the membership package you will train with a coach 1 – 5 times/week. You may also be scheduled by yoru coach for “DSD STRONG” workouts.  These workouts allow the athlete to come in on his/her own time and train the “DSD STRONG” workouts.

The purpose of the DSD STRONG workouts are threefold
1.      Establish self motivation
2.      Address weaknesses
3.      Do the little extras to separate themselves from the competition!

Are you ready to…

  • Build Massive Amounts Muscle
  • Develop Explosive Power
  • Become Brutally Strong
  • Run Faster
  • Jump Higher
  • Hit Harder
  • Increase Your Conditioning and Work Capacity
  • Improve Your Confidence and Self Esteem
  • Make the Team
  • Earn a Scholarship and Get To The Next Level
  • Dominate Your Competition



SERIOUS MEN Membership Options:

In addition to coaching and training serious athletes, we also provide training for The SERIOUS MAN

You may not be a competitive athlete, but if your drive and determination to get serious results is sky high, DSD may be the place for you.

If you are tired of wasting time at the gym with little or no results, DSD is what you’re looking for. We understand that there are a select group of people out there- serious individuals- who want more than a commercial gym with lots of equipment and no training. People who are frustrated with trainers who care more about how big their arms are rather than YOUR results. People who want to build muscle, cut unwanted fat and look and feel better than ever before. People who are frustrated with long, boring workouts that offer no results. These are serious individuals and the people who make up the community of DSD.

DSD is a private, membership based facility. We only want serious, dedicated, committed Men. We want those who are serious about their results and understand that there are no quick fixes.

In our DSD STRONGmen Program you will be a part of…

A Community

DSD is not like other gyms. We are a true community of people seriously dedicated to
physical fitness. At DSD your training partners will become like family. You will find a distinct camaraderie and competition within our membership community that creates a highly motivating atmosphere. Our coaches are professional Strength and Conditioning coaches from all over the nation. You will get the same top of the line training that many professional athletes get. At DSD you will become part of an elite club of serious athletes and serious individuals with one goal in mind- extreme physical results.

The Environment

At DSD, we have created an environment and atmosphere that is guaranteed to help you succeed and finally reach your fitness goals. This is a place where you can come to transform both physically and mentally. You won’t find any tv’s, juice bars, useless machines or fancy locker rooms. And there is no A/C. But what you will find are serious people, experienced coaches and extremely heavy weights. We’re not interested in the typical gym fluff. We’re in the business of getting your body ripped and toned and helping you see results like never before.

Are you a STRONGmen?

Are you ready to work harder than you ever have in your life? Are you prepared to see your body transform and build muscle like never before? Are you sick and tired of logging hours at the gym with no results to show for it? If so, DSD may just be the place for you!

DSD is a private, membership based facility. We only train with serious athletes and serious individuals, so not everyone is accepted into our program. We don’t offer single training sessions at DSD. We believe that getting the results you desire is a process and cannot be done in a few sessions.

Once you’ve been accepted into our membership program, you will train with a coach 2-3 times per week. The other 2 or 3 days you will perform DSD STRONGmen workouts. This allows you to come in on your own time perform specific workouts and exercises to help you meet your fitness goals.

Call or email us today to set up your DSD Membership interview. Take the next step to becoming stronger and more physically and mentally fit than you ever thought possible at DSD!

Call or email us to schedule your DSD Membership Tryout.
If membership is full you will be placed on our waiting list.
(918) 409-2373
[email protected]

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