Sponsor an Athlete for the Honoring the Fallen Powerlifting Meet

and honor the heroes of 9/11 and support our first responders.

  • Sponsor a Lifter

    Donate an amount to sponsor a lifter in his total pounds lifted in the squat, bench and deadlift.

  • Choose Donation Amount

    Pick a total amount to donate towards that lifters total. Ex. Jaime Espalin - lifter 1000 lb total. I will donate $1000.00 - $1 per lb.

  • Donate

    Thank you for your sponsorship of our lifters and your donation. *ALL proceeds go to FIT FIRST RESPONDERS FOUNDATION to assure our finest and bravest are FIT FOR DUTY. FIT FOR LIFE.
    *ffr is a 501c3

The Competitors

  • Corina Parker
  • Jeremiah Duda
  • Kim Adkison
  • Erin Harris
  • Jessica Mathias
  • Lydia Thomas
  • TJ Connor
  • TJ Harris
  • Drew Bailey
  • Jason Combs
  • Lexie Beyer
  • Angela McKenzie
  • Sam Parker
  • Amanda Shook
  • Angel Gonzalez
  • Jaime Espalin
  • Jeremiah Hobbs


When: September 10, 2016
Starting at 8:30am
Where: Dynamic SportsDevelopment 4707 S. 102nd E. Ave.
Tulsa, OK 74145

Event Sanctioned by the SPF.

Events to Enter

  • Raw / Single Ply, Multi Ply Powerlifting$95
  • Raw / Single Ply, Multi Ply push/pull$90
  • Raw / Single Ply, Multi Ply bench only$75
  • Raw / Single Ply, Multi Ply Deadlift only$65
Events to Enter

SPF Membership Fee: $30.00 and Only ($20.00 for Teenagers). You must be a member to lift and can receive your membership at the time of entry. All lifters must be singlets, all lifters in all events in all SPF meets cannot compete without them.

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